About Us


       Changzhou Dongshihao (DSH) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1992。DSH is located in Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province, covers 38,000㎡,Employs 380 staffs and specializes in manufacturing various kinds of mufflers for petrol-power engine and dynamo, and series of related Stamping Parts; moreover, we manufacture spiral bevel gear, spur gear, bevel gear and series of machining Parts ,such as saline shaft.

       We have excellent processing equipment, perfect and effective quality system(ISO9001-2000, consummate test facilities, and abundant technical force. Our products are sold well in United States, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, etc


All Rights Reserved:Dongshihao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd  ADD:HongxiRD.,Niutang Industrial Zone, Niutang Town Wunjin District,Changzhou,Jiangsu Province,China
TEL:86-519-86382055   FAX:86-519-86392832     Zip Code: 213163    
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